Ele Mineral White Mask Plus 10g

Ele Mineral White Mask Plus 10g

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Ele Mineral White Mask Plus 10g

  Deep into the skin where skin cells faster and takes creamy face mask up to 10 times. Vitamin instant lifting mask to rejuvenate facial skin decline in production. Nova technology enhance and inhibit the destruction of collagen, reduce wrinkles. Anti-oxidants. The value of the skin. Concentration, and superior stability. Not decay easily. Tighten the skin firm, smooth and radiant skin elasticity and reduces dark circles and blemishes, shallow notch in early and mid-term results and significantly reduces the size of pores and skin problems. Thick rough dark face powder and foundation are not perfectly.

Direction : 

- Apply cream lightly throughout the face thoroughly without massaging just 3 times a week.
- Leave it for 15-20 minutes before washing with cleaned water.
- or you may leave cream on your face the whole night and wash it when you get up in the morning.


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