Namu Life Snail White Mask Shot 5sheet

Namu Life Snail White Mask Shot 5sheet

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  • 750 บาท

Namu Life Snail White Mask Shot 

Suitable for

    To restore the skin From pollution between Skin clear skin firming and tightening pores. Like Korea
Reduce acne, reduce inflammation. Wrinkle Rough skin problems Prevent blackheads acne.


1. Clean the surface
2. For optimum performance, use the name White Mask checkbox Sinnott.
After using Nelson White Mist.
3. Spread the mask off. Place the mask to be close to the face.
By avoiding eye and mouth.
4. Use your fingers to press down on the mask gently. To expel air
And the mask to fit your face.
5. Leave on for 20 minutes, remove the mask from the face and massage gently.
To extract on. Face absorption
6. Use persuades white cream mask immediately after use to optimize


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