Namu Life Snail White Cleansing 151ml

Namu Life Snail White Cleansing 151ml

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Namu Life Snail White Cleansing 151ml

    Snail White Cleansing Products Cleansing innovative oil-free formula. Snail slime extract. Makes skin clean thoroughly. Meet mucous cleansing of Snail White.
Snail White Cleansing Blend New Quick-technology. Oil-free formula To wash the dirt on the face of cosmetics waterproof sunscreen or even purely just one step. Without causing acne.
Special features of the Snail White Cleansing


- Reducing bacteria on the skin

- Reduce inflammation and irritation.

- Allows clean The truly healthy

How to use   :   massage on the face. Massage your face Massage the area to be repeated Then rinse with water Use                                      every day - morning and evening.


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